Lindsay Lohan Scams Locksmith – Maybe?

Lindsay Lohan was forced to call in a locksmith when she found herself stranded outside on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s Hollywood home on Tuesday night – but refused to pay him when she discovered another way into the property.

In video footage posted on, the Mean Girls actress is seen walking around the front entrance of the DJ’s house as a friend, known only as Christy, watches the professional work on unlocking the door.

Lohan is then heard telling her pal, “What the f**k, the lock just came undone”, referring to one of the windows, before disappearing out of view as her pal told the locksmith, “You know what sir, we already got in, thanks. We just broke in. We just found a way in.”

But the man refused to leave without at least collecting his £26 call-out fee – and Lohan turned to the paparazzi who were capturing her every move for advice about what to do.

She told the TMZ videographer, “This guy… is asking me to pay him but he didn’t get me in, Christy did. Can you tell him? He didn’t even get me in. He’s trying to charge me $300. I’ve paid these guys before, $80, and now he wants money for trying to get me in, he didn’t do his job!”

After being encouraged not to hand over the cash, Lohan offered the locksmith £13, before returning indoors and refusing to pay anything, prompting the man to return to his van empty-handed.

Its bad enough when you get an average person try to scam you, but when it is someone famous with heaps of cash, well come on.   You call out a locksmith or any tradesman of course you have to pay them.  As for the locksmith asking for $300.00 for a call out, that seems to be a bit silly.  Maybe the locksmith was one of the large scams that is going around at the moment?