Drugs and Locksmiths

Drugs and Locksmiths

Locksmith cutting keys hard at work

Actually the headline should be more correct Drugs and Break and enters and how do the 2 correlate.

Well the reason why this is of interest is just from my observations from being in the Locksmith Business for over 20 years.

When I first started in the locksmith business as a young apprentice we were flat out busy doing a large number of jobs repairing doors and locks that had been broken into.  The majority of these jobs were the same M.O.  The houses/units mainly were broken into and the thief would mainly be looking for cash, or things they could turn into cash quickly.

At the time we all knew that the break and enters happening were being done by drug addicts that needed cash to buy drugs.  It was probably a rather small section of the community who needed a fix and it was one of the easiest ways to get some cash.

Not too far into my locksmith career the break and enters stopped over night.  It didn’t totally stop, but the large number of break-ins reduced.  You didn’t have to look too hard to work out why these break-ins stopped.  In fact you only had to walk 1 block from where our locksmith shop was located.

The dispensing chemist was open for business.  Law/regulation changes now allowed people with a drug addiction to get legal drugs.  Originally called the methadone program here in Australia.  So instead of having to steal money and do other illegal acts it was a regular visit to the chemist.

As much as I oppose the taking of drugs I cant argue that the governments implementation of programs to help addicted people get off the drugs or at least to prescribe to them legal drugs has been bad for society generally.  Probably a percentage of our society are going to take drugs weather we like it or not.  It seems to have worked out better at least in relation to home theft that drugs are available free for addicts.




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